Friday, July 12, 2013

Side Dishes For Single Malts


First of all, a single malt is not really enjoyable with dinner. I prefer a nice Mendoze Malbec with dinner. Bit, it can be just me.

Single malts are most enjoyable with certain appetizers. Again, maybe it's just me. But I am gonna keep it direct to the point and cut the talking.


Smoked Gouda cheese is very light and very enjoyable with a good scotch. Costco in Edmonton sells a very delicious smoked gouda cheese. Since it is light, it does not overwhelm the taste of scotch and accompanies it in a perfect correlation. 


Almonds, again, are light and healthy appetizers that will go well with a single malt scotch whisky. Other nuts may include cashews or those energy mixer nuts (green ones) that Costco sells. You don't want to eat too much salty nuts with single malts since it may take away the taste.


Italian sausages are good with Gouda cheese and a single malt scotch whiskies. Also, good spicy pepperonis are the ones I enjoy with my whisky. 


The ones that Costco sells are very simple and good. A good appetizer again that will compliment the taste of your single malts.


Single Malts and dark chocolate are like penut butter and bread. They go well together. They go too well together that you might get into a sugar coma. So, try to enjoy this in moderation. In fact, try enjoying everything in moderation. So, you can anticipate and enjoy things more ;) 


I personally enjoy my single malts once a week with a good cigar. A full-bodied dark Don Thomas is my favorite. Single malts should be enjoyed with a civilized manner. It goes best with a good cigar and light appies while reading your book and enjoying some soft jazz. It is not a drink of "let's get smashed". You take your time and try to understand the complexity of flavors and various tastes. Try the appetizers I listed above. If you have more recommendations, I would live to see it in the comments below. 

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