Friday, July 12, 2013

Lagavulin 16 Years Old


I had heard about this before. I read the interview with the famous Scottish actor Brian Cox and he was mentioning that Lagavulin 16 was his most favorite. Watch his YouTube video where he pronounces "Lagavulin". Then, he goes "peow! the cognac of whiskies. Works like a depth of charge!".

Ever since then I started screaming "Lagavulin" in the house so that my wife would get tired and letnme spend $80 for a scotch. The anticipation went on for weeks. Finally, my 30th birthday arrived. My wife and our roommate bought me this beautiful bottle. When I take my first sip, the feeling was different. I have never drank such a beauty before. All those Jack Daniels and JW I used drink were forgotten. This was different.

This is also smokey, yet rich with various smells. I recommend buying it for a special occasion so that it will feel even more special. Anticipate it. Did you get a big-paying job? Did you turn into a milestone age? Did you get married? Did you have a newborn baby? Spend that $80 for this bottle and you will appreciate the occasion even more!

Origin: Islay
Nose: Full of flavors coming with the smell of peat. The mixture of every beauty. From vanilla to spices. From sherry to apple. From peat to sweetness.
Palate: Think, rich and full bodied. Beautiful combination of peat, oak and aromas such as vanilla, sherry, apple and some other fruits that I could not concentrate on thinking anymore.
Finish: Long. smoky, peaty, figs, dates, vanillas, apples, sherries, and the list goes on.
Rating (I believe you can already guess: 10!!!!!
Price: $79-$84
Places to Find: Superstore, Wines and Beyond, Costco, etc.

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