Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello Fellow Edmontonians,

Not so long ago, my wife and I moved to Edmonton. Due to harsh winters and slow life, we have decided to entertain ourselves in our little townhouse, where we played board games, watched movies and enjoyed some beverages.

During these cold winter nights, I grew an appreciation on a certain beverage. It felt so good, warm and rich that I was never interested in any other beverages. Nothing was ever gonna be the same. Beer was too boring and Wine was too filling.

It all started with us being invited to a friend's house. While I was browsing the shelves at a liquor store, I grabbed a Glenfiddich. Later on, three of us enjoyed it immensely, killed the entire bottle and did not even feel tipsy. We were just happy. Then, I wanted to know more about this beautiful taste that was left in my mouth: Single Malt Whisky.

Again, I did not know much about it, but I enjoyed it more than the other drinks and I have decided to know about it more. In a year, I ended up trying about 25 different single malts (and more to come). And now, while tasting some Aberfeldy (12 year old), I have decided to share my single malt experiences with my fellow Edmontonians.

Not that I am an expert of scotch as well as Michael Jackson (not the singer!) or the famous actor Brian Cox, but I have decided to share my thoughts on this blog about the Single Malts I have tasted and show the audiences the places where to buy them and the price tag on them.

For each whisky, I will write my reviews and feelings and then describe the origin of this particular scotch, its tasting notes and finally the price tag on it and where to buy it in Edmonton. I will also do a little rating. The ratings will be out of 10 (P.S. The ratings are my own. Something I rated low might be rated high by someone else. You never know).

1) I am a new blogger and I want to keep it simple. If anything looks bad, please be understanding :)

2) I am hoping this blog would create a social network of Single Malt lovers and we can actually meet each other while enjoying some malted barley with a nice cigar :)

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