Friday, July 12, 2013

Bowmore 12 Years Old


Ouch! The first time I tried this, I wanted to wash my mouth with 5 gallons of water. It felt like I ate a full ashtray. Well, again, I was a noob who didn't know what effects an Islay Scotch would leave in a human being's mouth. 

This is smoky, my friend. So, dear beginners. STAY AWAY from this until you get used to drinking single malts. 

Later on, I must say, it grew on me. After paying almost $45 for this bottle, I could not have dumped it in the sink. So, I kept drinking, The more I drank, the more I get used to. 

Highly recommended single malt for those who love to taste full of smoke in their mouths. After all, that's what makes good ol' Islay special!

Origin: Islay
The nose is very peaty but also floral. You will basically smell ash in that glass. Take it easy. Don't smell too much. It feels like being a second hand smoker.
The palate is also peaty. You can also feel some perfume, lemon and honey behind all the ashes.
The finish is (again) smoky and long.
My rating is 8.0
Price: $42 - $48
Places to Buy: Superstore, Wines and Beyond, Liquor Depot

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