Friday, July 12, 2013

Highland Park 12 Years Old


Ahhh! This made me appreciate the life the first time I tasted this beauty. It is smoky, yet aromatic. Highland Park has a different spot in my heart. If you wanna spend a good $45, go with this one. 

Origin: Island
The nose is smoky and aromatic. It almost burns your nozzels. Also, you will smell the hints of citrus and honey in it. Take your time and enjoy smelling this blondie. 
The palate is full, rich and again aromatic. You can still taste a little bot of smokiness. But, nothing too overwhelming.
The finish is long and burning. It takes about 15 seconds to enjoy the taste.
My rating for this is 9.0
Price: $45 - $58
Places to Buy: Superstore sells it cheapest for $45. You can't go wrong with that price. 

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